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A family has lost everything after their home was hit by lightning in a summer storm.

Diane Booth was unaware the roof of their home was ablaze until rescuers ran to alert her, after the strike.

Residents described the horror of seeing the bolt zig-zag horizontally between homes in Grimsby and blasted the roof of the family home.

The pair’s grandchildren were in the home as it struck, turning the roof into a fireball with a large plume of smoke which could be seen for some distance.

Diane and Nick are staying with a relative and counting the cost of the damage – friends have now rallied round with an appeal.

Lorna said: “Since meeting Di and Nick about 10 years ago, they have become close family friends, helping us through the most difficult time in the last year, when my husband Glenn died from aggressive lung cancer.

Glenn and Nick were best mates and it was very special to share the bond between our families.

Diane drew upon her many years experience as a nurse to help me make sure Glenn was as comfortable and dignified as he could be and also gave me much needed support.

“This is my way of showing some love for Di and Nick, like they did for us.”

Her son Ben told Grimbsy live : “My work is rigging and installing large public artwork, and there’s not been much call for that during the last 18 months of the pandemic, but slowly I’ve started getting jobs come through again, and it was whilst at work that the words of my sister kept going round in my head, “Someone ought to do a crowdfunder for Di and Nick”.

“So here it is. I’m donating my day’s wages to the cause, and my mum and sister are donating too. Diane and Nick are altruistic to a fault sometimes. They help raise thousands of pounds for various local charities around North Lincolnshire – and it’s their nature to give help to others, rather than receive it.

“So now is a chance for all of us who’ve been blessed by them and even if you don’t know them, but would love to help, to show them how loved they are, in this time of misfortune and shock for them, so that they can begin recovering from the fire and rebuilding their home.”

So far, the GoFundMe appeal has reached £2,000 of a £10,000 target.

Handyman, Tony Jones was the first to raise the alarm on July 7 when he spotted the fire in the roof. He knocked on the door of the family home.

Afterwards, Nick said: “If it hadn’t been for Tony raising the alarm, they could have been killed. He definitely saved their lives.

He also thanked the emergency services for responding quickly. Humberside Fire and Rescue were at the scene in just four minutes with four engines working to tackle the blaze.