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Android Auto for Phone Screens is shutting down. The Android app from Google was launched in 2019 as Google Assistant‘s Driving Mode was delayed. This feature, however, started rolling out in 2020 and has expanded since. This rollout was meant to replace the experience on phone screens. At that time, Google called this app a “stopgap” for users who wanted an in-car experience but lacked a vehicle with Android Auto. The Android Auto for Phone Screens app has already stopped working for some users.

A report in XDA Developers says that some Google Pixel users on Android 12 are seeing the app skip the initial experience with a notice that reads “Android Auto is now only available for car screens. On your phone, try Google Assistant driving mode instead.” Google confirmed that the Android Auto for Phone Screens app is shutting down with Android 12 to 9to5Google in a statement. The company said that Assistant Driving Mode will be “the built-in mobile driving experience” on Android 12. “Starting with Android 12, Google Assistant driving mode will be the built-in mobile driving experience. We have no further details to share at this time,” the company was quoted as saying.

The report in 9to5Google says that there is no notice on either a Pixel running on Android 12 or a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 on Android 11. The app is still available on the Google Play Store, but shows incompatible with Android 12 Pixel smartphones.